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Prevent up to 50% of Food Waste & Increase Kitchen Profits

Fully automated food waste monitoring

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Less Food Waste
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Reinventing how you see food waste

Giving kitchens full visibility of food waste allows for changes to preparation, production and purchasing decisions to significantly reduce food waste and food bills. 

We know kitchens are busy places, so we built a system with chefs in mind that fits seamlessly into current routines.


Fully Automated Food Waste Monitoring

When making changes to a kitchen’s processes, purchasing or preparation, it needs to be backed up by reliable data. Food waste is no different. Monitoring food waste gives you the power to make those changes. Our food waste scanner automatically gives you this data.


The scanner automatically monitors all food waste put in the bin


View accurate reports to see where waste is being created


Cut food waste and save on food bills and waste collections

Who we work with

Food waste is a problem that affects every food industry. Our solution works in any food environment and can help businesses big and small make an impact on their food waste and their bottom line.


The Hotel Industry wastes more food than any other sector with the highest potential savings


With tight food and drink margins, any reduction on food costs can increase profits.


Food waste within healthcare can slip out of mind, with up to 50% of prepared food thrown away.


Track waste over multiple sites and get a full overview of all your food waste

Don’t know how much you’re wasting?

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