Green Organic Waste Management​

Reduce your food waste with our Smart Waste Trackers. Get your organic waste collected with our Electric Vehicles. Process your waste with the worlds first Food Bioreactor. Turning Food Waste back into Food.

Who we are

We are an ethical, transparent waste company working with you to monitor, reduce & eliminate the waste your company produces.

We believe that by reducing the amount of waste you produce not only helps you save on costs but helps the environment too.

The Positive Carbon Smart Bin system is a smart device that records how much food waste your business is creating to help you cut down waste

Positive Carbon operate a fully electric fleet to pick up your waste with zero emissions ensuring every part of your waste journey is carbon neutral.

Our BioReactor is the most efficient way of dealing with your Food Waste  allowing us to pass on dramatic waste savings to you

Bins with Brains

Smart bins which monitor the waste that your company produces. The Positive Carbon Smart Bin system is a smart device that automatically records how much food waste your business is creating.


Potential reduction in food costs each month


Co2 savings each month. Same as planting 1,666 trees.

AI Powered BioReactor

The Greenest Way to Process Food Waste. Converts your food waste back into super food. Pallet sized and fully modular. Self Cleaning. Self Harvesting. Solar Paneled.


Potential reduction in Waste processing costs each month


Total carbon offset by any organic waste production

Lower your waste costs today

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