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Our Solution

Kitchens are busy places, chefs can’t always slow down to examine the reasons behind food waste. They need a quick and accessible solution. We want to make food waste monitoring as simple as possible.

We provide businesses with a fully automated food waste monitoring system that tracks and logs all food waste created in all their kitchens.

By providing businesses with total visibility of their food waste, we allow them to see what wastage is occurring, enabling them to change their purchasing habits and save money.

Fully Automated Waste Monitoring

Our Food Waste Monitoring Stations easily fit under food waste bins around kitchens and operate silently without interrupting staff routines while capturing all food that is thrown out.

Stations in the Food Waste Stations detect when food is placed in the bin and measure the weight.

Cameras placed above the bin automatically detect what food is placed in the bin.

Advanced Reporting

Our live reports clearly show waste creation across your entire business. Our easy-to-use reports break down your waste into categories, attach monetary values and continuously track performance.

For multiple site operators, you can have an instant overview of all sites. This is used to see what’s working, and what sites or teams may need additional support. 

Food Waste Programme

Reducing food waste in your company is also about bringing awareness and changing habits. That’s why we have designed a food waste programme for staff to bring food waste to the forefront. You will have continuous support from your designated food waste expert.

Don’t know how much you’re wasting?

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