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Food waste doesn’t occur in just one place, it happens at different points across multiple teams. But preventing food waste brings benefits to staff, management, customers and the environment.   


We believe food waste has value and we aim to give that value back to our customers. Our food waste monitoring system is easy to implement and use and can bring positive changes from day one.

Your Bottom Line

As a food business, margins can be tight, so any improvements have a positive impact on your bottom line. A reduction in food waste results in reduced food bill, reduced bin fees & reduced time spent by staff on prepping food that will ultimately go into the bin.

The Environmental Impact

One third of all food that’s produced for human consumption is wasted. This waste contributes to 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. The UN has said that “reducing Food Waste is the single greatest solution to bring carbon out of the atmosphere”.

Return On Investment

Enjoy all the benefits of reducing food waste, as well as seeing a return on your investment by multiple fold within the first year.

Easy To Implement

Positive Carbon’s system can be installed in minutes and begin monitoring waste immediately. It does not require user input so there is no disruption to staff’s usual waste routines.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are more concerned than ever about businesses acting sustainably, with food waste ranking in the top 3 concerns for consumers. Have your business stand out and become a food waste champion.

Don’t know how much you’re wasting?

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