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About Us

Positive Carbon was founded in 2020 to help tackle the incredible 1.3 billion tonnes of food thrown away each year. Our vision is to bring effective food waste monitoring to kitchens across the world to reduce their food waste and make a positive impact on the planet. 

At Positive Carbon, we believe there is no need for a business to waste food and money, all at the expense of the environment. We believe food waste has value and we aim to give that value back to our customers. 

With over ten years experience working in the food waste industry, we understand that it’s a complex problem. We want to bring this experience to make the biggest impact on food waste possible. Our team is incredibly passionate about reducing food waste and couldn’t be prouder to be working on such an important issue.

Our Founders

Mark & Aisling have worked in the Food Waste industry for the past ten years across Ireland, The UK, Australia & Chile.

Having worked for so long across various different food sectors, diverting food from landfill, they saw an opportunity to prevent food waste being created in the first place. 

From here, having spoken to chefs to understand fully their struggles, they set up Positive Carbon, to help businesses stop creating food waste and to save food and money.


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